Facts About Buying CBD in Louisiana

Facts About Buying CBD in Louisiana PurLife

The popularity of CBD as a “budding” health component has grown exponentially in the last decade. Only several years ago, this hemp-based derivative was unheard of in the state of Louisiana. Now, you can shop online, visit a boutique store, or walk into any smoke shop or gas station and see it displayed at the counter. Buying CBD in Louisiana is easier now than ever before. 


Several key motions were put in place for this to happen. Cannabidiol sourced from the hemp plant was legalized in Louisiana in June 2019 under House Bill 491 which defines CBD and lays out which products are allowed in the state. With the exception of CBD oil, ingestible CBD is still legally off the market for Louisianians.



Do I Need a Prescription to Buy CBD? 


No. Because CBD is an over-the-counter hemp supplement, purchasing cannabidiol online or in-store is legal as long as it is derived from the hemp plant. As described above, hemp is defined as a cannabinoid plant containing less than .3% THC. In Louisiana and throughout the United States, a prescription is not required to purchase CBD, so long as it contains less than .3% THC. 


While a prescription isn’t required, CBD does have an age limit. Customers must be at least 18 years of age in the state of Louisiana to purchase any form of cannabidiol. 



How to Spot a High-Quality CBD Product 


When buying CBD products online, there are key factors to consider. First, choose which type of product you need for your specific ailment through research and comparison. In Louisiana, customers are advised to choose brands that are registered with the Louisiana Department of Health. If this information isn’t made clear, there are secondary measures to take when buying CBD online or in-store: 


• Built and bottled in your back yard. It’s important to source your daily CBD supplements as locally as possible. Whether that’s within the United States or in your own back yard, knowing where your CBD product comes from ensures its quality. 


• Read the ingredients list. If you are researching a cannabidiol product that does not explicitly display the amount contained, look elsewhere! Before you buy, make sure you are selecting a product you can properly dose for your specific needs. On average, a CBD oil can contain anywhere from 15-1,000 mg. The higher the number, the more potent the product. 


• Type of Cannabidiol Extracted. To ensure the product you are purchasing is fit for your specific needs, it is customary for a high-quality brand to label its products accordingly. Broad-spectrum, Full-spectrum, or CBD isolate is typically labeled for customer education purposes. 


• Presence of Third Party Lab Results. It’s important to see lab results displayed on-site. You’ll want to confirm that your CBD cream, tincture, or body lotion has less than .3% THC to stay within the legal landscape of Louisiana’s HB 461. 


• Non-GMO and no harsh chemicals advertised. What you put in your body should be complementary to the healing components within it. While you’re studying your product’s ingredients list, make sure there are no harsh chemicals. The cannabidiol used should be unmodified and grown without preservatives for the best outcome. 



Benefits and Disadvantages of Buying CBD Online 


As you are now aware, there is a tremendous difference between products you see at your local convenience store and the high-quality CBD products intended for therapeutic use. Shopping for high-quality products versus low-grade alternatives ensures you are getting the most out of your purchase. 


A major benefit to purchasing online? Finding a company you can trust will save you time and money in the long run. That’s why products like ours at PurLife are conveniently available online and fit into each category listed above. Need more reasons to shop PurLife? 


We ship right to our door.  

Quality customer service without the drive time. 

Locally-sourced, Louisiana-established 

We’re here to educate you, not “sell” you. 


It’s easy to get caught in the hysterics of an exciting new product and fall victim to seller fraud. While there are numerous advantages to buying CBD online given our world today, there are also drawbacks to flying blind. Buying cheap cannabidiol products ensures you’ll get what you paid for. A lesser product will be less impactful and can possibly include harsh chemicals or an inaccurate amount of CBD. Depending on your condition, this could result in worsening symptoms. Avoid companies who medical make claims online as this may indicate a scam and is also federally illegal. While repercussions will fall on the company in question, this can leave a bad taste in your mouth about cannabidiol. Don’t let seller fraud deter you from investing in your CBD health in the future. 



You Can Trust PurLife Louisiana When Buying CBD Online 


At PurLife Louisiana, purity and integrity are the two major components of our high-quality CBD products. Our cannabidiol is sourced from organic, local farmers in the U.S. and is extracted through the purest, CO2 extraction method. This being said, our goal is simple: to produce the best cannabidiol products on the market for our community. With so many uses for this amazing plant, there’s a CBD product for everyone at PurLife Louisiana. Browse our selection or give us a call at 318-855-3373 and we will happily walk you through the process of buying CBD online.

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